Crafting designs to impress

Wide Variety of Website Design Services

Experience the vibrant design and fascinating aesthetics made by us for your website. With a team of commercially driven UX-UI designers we ensure uniqueness and professionalism in your website to compliment the reputation that your business holds. We ensure a nice balance between creativity and user experience via custom designs that comes handy for conversion and engagement.

Describing in a nutshell, Crafting designs to impress (your audience) and express (your commitment and goals). An in-depth knowledge of user engagement combined with un-parallel creativity help us to maintain the label of top website design company in Kolkata.

We Offer Wide Variety of Website Design Services

Walking with the latest trends and features to offer the most updated web design services in India.

Web Design that is Responsive

  • 80% of the internet users are smartphone owners.
  • Over 50% of smartphone users are addicted to use smartphone immediately post waking up
  • Out of all mobile users, 91% want mobile site to be easily accessible.


These facts are enough to reveal the importance of a web page which is Responsive and all you need to make this happen is 10x Surge.

Landing Page Design

Right landing page would convert your page visitors into customers. A right landing page won’t only ensure better page views but also more response towards call to action button. So a right landing page is equally important because it convinces a user to try the later product.


If you as a business want to invests in SEO and PPC marketing then you need landing pages which have been designed and developed especially for ad links. When these ad links are connected to the homepage of the site, the conversion rate goes down. However connecting the ad link to a landing page designed for this link has a higher probability of turning those visitors into confirmed leads. Remember, A user spends few seconds on a landing page and bounces away if the page fails to serve the purpose for which the ad link is made.


There are several factors that reflect the need to get a professional landing page design service

  • If your AdWords budget is draining and fails to give satisfactory results
  • Even lucrative and competitive offers on your site seem to useless in attracting good business leads
  • Facing higher bounce rate on landing pages
  • Your ad traffic is moving to the home page rather than designed landing pages
  • Difference between communication on your ad links and webpage
  • Leaking traffic due to too many navigation options on the landing page
  • Landing page which is too big to captivate visitors (Displaying a lot of information )
  • Increased load time on the landing page

What does our web design service incorporates

  • Custom built web design
  • Pre designed corporate web design
  • Periodic Website maintenance
  • Existing Website redesign

With a dedicated special team for Logo Designing, we understand and know that it’s the logo that gives you a unique identity in the industry. We ensure you get a unique and relevant logo.

Website Redesign Services

A Redesign service not only ensures that your website is up to date but also ensures that it’s competitive.

Our Redesigning services also brings improvement on your marketing front. The step can eventually help customers in generating more leads than the older version of the website.

Questions that’ll tell if you need a website redesign service!

  • Same traffic coming on the website even after it has been live for significant time ?
  • Is your website outdated?
  • Is your site not responsive enough?
  • Have you seen a downfall in the traffic?
  • Has the bounce rate increased?
  • Your website visitors are not converting into buyers?
  • Are your competitor’s sites better in functionality and have they recently undergone a redesign?
  • Do you need to revive the content of your website ?

By now you might relate to most of the problems that you face and it means you need the help of a professional website redesign company.