regular blog maintenance and management

If you own a blog then be assured that you need regular maintenance and management. Blogging is a way for people to keep a check as well as log on their adventures, business owners a way to connect with their audience, creative individuals to share their work and so much more. Blogging is now increasingly popular because it brings in significant revenue with the right marketing and management. 10X Surge is proud to offer our outstanding personal blog maintenance, non-profit blog maintenance and business blog maintenance services to those looking to remain active and continually grow their presence online.  While most of the blog owners are pretty able to do the basics that a blog offers, we typically help them understand misfits on doing proper onsite search engine optimization (SEO), creating a refreshing user experience, right layout, other code changes, creating templates and buttons, ad optimizations, installing and configuring the plugins, and the other technical aspects which are important for streamlined experience.

What is Website Maintenance for Blogs?

Any blog owner would want to grow their exposure and revenue. This is where you need blog maintenance.  Website maintenance for blogs provides services of updation as well as changes on the request of the blog owner.  It helps in eliminating the need of  having to research, hire  and review various specialised freelancers for each needed change; which will likely cost more in the end and consume a lot of your time.

Typical blog management requests covered by us in this service :

  • Multiple Content Additions and Posting
  • Coding, Templates and Layout Changes (HTML, CSS)
  • Page Additions or Deletions
  • Advertisement Optimisations and Placement Testing
  • Website Traffic Analytics Reporting
  • Page Additions or Deletions
  • Image Optimisations and Uploading
  • Onsite Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Video Inclusion and Account Creations
  • Search Engine Rank Tracking and Reporting
  • Domain Management and Hosting
  • Blog CMS (ie: WordPress) Updating and Installations
  • Social Network Integration, Management and Posting
  • Plugin Installations and Customisations
  • Social Network Integration, Management and Posting
  • Newsletter setup and management
  • Content Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • And more…

What happens if You Don’t Maintain Your Blog?

Without the right blog maintenance, your website or blog may never receive the credit it deserves, or it could lose followers very quickly. Blogs and websites are quietly dying every day.  Once an owner stop posting on them, they lose all of their hard work and the connections they have with their followers. Hosting and domain renewal are also one thing that is forgotten about and at times it expires. If you fail to maintain your personal or business blog while ensuring that it is optimised and delivers enriched user experience, it will never be as good as you want it to be.  You need to remain frequent  active with unique content updates that are useful, fresh and compelling.  Great content gets shared automatically and shared content will get you more followers; which in turn can lead to better revenues and exposure for you and your company. 

10X Surge’s Blog Maintenance

We the best and we deserve to handle your blog. 10x Surge which was first established as a web design and  web management company, however with time our clients consistently asked about ways to market their websites. The overtime requirements led us to have grown and turn into a full scale internet marketing and management company.  10xSurge offers just about digital media, every web and content service imaginable and useful to our clients. This is crucial as we offer marketing solutions, consider marketing aspects and conversions in everything that we do for you.

Our goal was to eliminate the middle men and allow you to have your sites fully maintained and marketed without any hassle.  Oh and we ensured that we didn’t just slap a package together and call it a day.  We extensively researched blogs; asked non-profit blog owners, personal blog owners and business blog owners what they needed in a blog maintenance service, and then prepared what we thought was useful.  In the end we built a product and service around you that we ourselves would buy too without second thought ! 10xSurge never sell something that you don’t need .